Water Authority

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About CKWA

The CK Water Authority is a subcommittee of the CK Tax District (CKTD) formed to operate and maintain the CK Private Water System (PWS) owned by CK Community, Inc. The CKWA consists of a Chairperson and commissioners, each of whom is a community volunteer.
The main responsibilities of the CKWA are:

  • Water System Operations Testing

The CK water system draws drinking water from the ground via 2 wells located on the ballfield with a third well at the tank site activated in late 2022. The wells pump water via a new automatic control system into two 20,000 gallon storage tanks at Camp Arden road. The tanks dispense water by gravity through approximately 11,000 feet of underground piping and into subscribers homes. Each subscriber has a service shut off valve to allow isolation from the system or seasonal cessation, while allowing all year round water use to eligible subscribers. The cumulative volume of usage on a daily basis is monitored by a remote flow meter readout system. The Water System is monitored daily by the CK maintenance supervisor, who is also the Water System manager. Dan Hamilton is certified by the State of Connecticut as a small water system operator. The CKWA Chairperson maintains close contact with the water system manager to deal with any operational issues that arise and to assure that compliance with State requirements is maintained.

Water quality tests on our wells are performed in accordance with the State and Federal requirements on monthly, annual or other required basis. The testing is contracted out to a certified testing lab. The testing lab provides the results of all tests directly to the State and emails copies to the CKWA.


  • Annual Budget & Fees

The CKWA prepares the WA budget annually for the Fiscal year starting July 1 of each year and ending June 30 of the next year. Subscriber fees are set each year, subject to approval of the Board. The water system is self-funded by the subscribers so fees cover all maintenance, new requirements and operational expenses. See section on Water Contract below for annual fees. Also below is the new subscriber paperwork and fees to establish a tee connection.


  • Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Annually, the CKWA must prepare the CCR for the previous year’s performance. This report provides complete testing and performance information on the water system. It is distributed to all CK water system subscribers, with copies going to the local Sanitarian in New Fairfield and to the CT State Department of Public Health, Drinking Water Division (CT DPH/DWD). Click HERE for a copy.


  • Fiscal and Asset Management Plan (F&)

The F& is a State required document that the CKWA must maintain for our water system. It includes basic information about system description, operations, budgets, subscription fees, long range planning and system water loss management.


  • CKWA Meetings & Reports

The CKWA provides a brief report for all board meetings which summarizes current operational status, ongoing project status, and any other Water System information. The CKWA Chairperson also prepares a brief report for inclusion with the annual CKC, Inc. Presidents letter and gives an oral report at the annual CKC, Inc and CKTD meetings.


  • Delinquent Customer Correspondence

Yearly water usage fees are due April 1 of each year and considered delinquent if not paid by April 30. On the occasion a subscriber does not remit the fee or respond to reminders, the CKWA has established a policy of escalating actions to deal with delinquent accounts based on the elapsed time after the due date, with possible cessation of water service.

Water service dates are:
Seasonal - April 1 to October 31 (or the latest December 31 if extending service)
Yearly - April 1 to March 31
To be considered yearly (to change a seasonal home to a yearly home) - a letter from the town Sanitarian (Tim Simpkins) authorizing this change is required.

Discount on Water Fees:
Candlewood Knolls Stockholders received a 50% discount on Water Service Fees. To become a stockholder, please call the CK office for information at 203-746-4807.

Rules and Regulations:
Water Rules and Regulations - Please review the Candlewood Knolls Water Rules and Regulations each year.

Extensions may be paid at the time you hand in your contract or any time before October 31st. If an extension is required after you hand in your contract, a new contract will NOT be sent out. You can print a copy of the contract below and submit your request with extension payment to the CK Office. Extension forms and fees must be submitted to the CK office by October 31st.

Turn on dates other than specified:
Any turn on dates, other than the 3 specified in the contract, will require a $15 extra Turn on fee. This fee is due when the contract is handed in (with the date specified on the contract). Please specify a Monday - Friday date on the contract.

Turn off dates other than specified:
Any turn off dates, other than Oct 31, Nov 30 or Dec 31, will require a $15 extra Turn off fee. This fee is due when the contract is handed in (with the date specified on the contract). Please specify a Monday - Friday date on the contract.

Plumber assist with Turn on/Off:
Please specify the plumbers name and the date you request your water to be turned on/off. Plumbers will need to coordinate with our maintenance supervisor, Dan. Use of a plumber for dates other than specified on the contract, or the 3 shut off dates above, will require a $15 fee to turn the water on or off. Under no circumstances should your plumber touch the CK Valve.

Request for Water Service/New Subscribers:
If you are interested in joining the Candlewood Knolls Water System. Please review the Rules and Regulations and complete the Request for Water Service form. Please submit the completed request form and initial payment (as stated on the form) to the CK Office. Once the office receives the form and payment, our maintenance supervisor, Dan, will be in touch to schedule the connection. When the project is near completion, you will receive a current water contract and amount owed by the CK office. Your yearly fee will be prorated based on the amount of months left in the current fiscal year. This contract will need to be signed by the subscriber and payment received BEFORE the final turn over to the CK water system. Any questions, please contact the CK office or our maintenance supervisor, Dan.

Do you have a Tee Connection? If you are unsure if you have a Tee connection to the CK Water System. Please contact our maintenance Supervisor, Dan at 203-746-2048. He will be able to answer this question for you.

Payments can be made by check - Payable to CK Water Authority. Please submit all forms/payments to the CK office at 21 North Beach Drive, New Fairfield, CT 06812

Water Fee Cover Letter:
This document is an explanation of Fees for the current year - Cover letter

Water Contracts:
Signed Water Contract for current year is due to the CK office by April 1st. By signing the water contract, you are agreeing to abide by the Water Rules and Regulations. Water Contracts not handed in by April 1st will be charged an interest penalty of 1% per month beginning May 1. Seasonal Subscribers - Subscriber MUST be present in order to turn water on. Please provide a phone number where you can be reached the day of "turn on" on your contract.