Marine Information

Boat Slips are for Candlewood Knolls Residents Only

  • Candlewood Knolls has approximately 94 boat slips as well as jet ski docks, wall spaces and kayak racks for rent by Candlewood Knolls Residents
  • They are located at North Beach, South Beach and Middle Beach.
  • A boating license is required to operate a boat in Connecticut.

Boats In: 3rd Week of May (tentatively)

Boats Out: Columbus Day Monday.

NEW for 2022 (and moving forward):

A copy of a valid Boat and/or PWC registration MUST accompany the rental form (including Jet Skis/Wave Runners)

A copy of watercraft insurance declaration page (includes Expiration date and coverage) MUST accompany the rental form for boat slip and Jet Ski/Wave Runner rentals

(Per Rules and Regulations - Minimum of $300,000 liability AND property damage insurance in the renter's name)

You must provide a current registration and proof of insurance (Declaration page) EVERY YEAR. Payment will not be accepted without current registration and current proof of insurance ( for boat slips andJet Skis/Wave Runners) in the renter's name.

CK Marine Rules & Regulations have been updated, please review before signing the Rental & Payment Form.

Emailing Files to CK Office

You can email your rental form, registration and/or Insurance Declaration Page to the CK office if you want. Please send in PDF format ONLY.

Slip Rental Procedures

Boat Slip Rental Forms MUST be filled out each year. All (form, registration, proof of insurance and payment) must be received by April 1st.

Boat Slip Rental forms are for previously rented spaces only (previous year).

New Slip Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please do NOT include payment with New Slip Request Form.

ANY NEW (not previously rented last year) slip/rack/platform/etc. requires a New Slip Request form. Please do not place NEW requests on your Boat Slip Rental Form.

Slip rentals are filled in the following manner every year:

  1. Candlewood Knolls Community (CKC) Stockholders with a slip in the previous year.
  2. CKC Stockholders requesting a new slip based on date requested.
  3. Non-CKC stockholder property owners with a slip in the previous year.
  4. Non-CKC stockholder property owners requesting a new slip.
  5. CK Renters with a slip in the previous year.
  6. CK Renter requesting a new slip.


  • Property owners must be current on their Candlewood Knolls taxes to rent a slip.
  • One slip per property owner or CK renter unless there are un-rented slips. (The owner of a property and the renter of a property may not both have slips.)
  • If there are un-rented slips, they are filled in the same manner above.
  • Boats must be registered and insured in the name of the person requesting the slip (renter). A copy of the registration and insurance must accompany the request.

Requests to change slip location are evaluated each year on a first come, first served basis. Contact the office to make such requests..


Boat Slip Rental & Payment Form-NEW.pdf (returning renters only)

Boat Marine New Slip Request-NEW.pdf

CK Marine Rules Regulations.pdf


Payment Methods:

Payment may be made by check or by PayPal (includes fees).

Please note Boat Slip AND Jet Ski price increase for 2022 season on rental form.

Check Payment:

Check should be made payable to: Candlewood Knolls Marine

Please mail rental form, registration, proof of insurance and payment to: 21 North Beach Dr. , New Fairfield, CT 06812

PayPal Payment:

Please submit rental form, registration and proof of insurance via email or regular mail. Once all is received, your payment will be processed.

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